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Day 1: Kicking the habit

Published by Ivisi in the blog Ivisi's blog. Views: 300

Well, my M401 arrived yesterday, my first PV. I was itching to try it, but my juice had not yet arrived, so I was stuck charging the batteries and hoping my juice order would get here soon.

And soon became today. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long. Now, first day using the M401, and I haven't smoked an analog since 3 this afternoon. It's now 9 in the evening, and this is the longest I've been without a regular cigerette, without being asleep, in forever.

I have to say, the M401 feels close enough to a real cigarette that this just may do the trick for me. I've been on Zyban, patches, lozenges, gum, and none have worked, mainly because I really like to smoke. I just hate what it was doing to my body. hopefully, this will fulfill my 'need' to smoke without me actually smoking an analog. And I may even continue to 'vape' (I guess I'll have to get used to using that word) after I've weened myself off of nicotine.

I plan on using this blog as my diary in my quest to give up analog cigarettes for good. Hopefully, I'll be successful in that quest. And hopefully, this diary can be just one more positive about personal vaporizers, e-liquid, and their ability to help people like me to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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