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Dial / digital calipers... what, you don't have any?

Published by State O' Flux in the blog State's Stuff. Views: 1148

For a long time now, we've seen threads -

"What size are the o-rings on a fill in the blank atomizer?" or,
"What size are the magnets on a fill in the blank mod?"... or the broadest of inquiries,
"I need to measure anything you can think of that might need accurate measuring... how can I do that?"

More often than not, if these inquiries even get a response... it's from a member who owns both the device in question, and a dial or digital caliper... and is willing put forth time and effort to take some measurements. (that or some douche spouting useless blather, just looking for a post count bump)

Time was, only engineers and machinists owned and used vernier... and later dial, and now digital calipers. The initial costs of quality measuring tools, at one time kept them out of the hands of hobby class users. That has changed.
These days for as little as $12, you can get a dial caliper with 0.002" (0.04mm) resolution. 0.001" resolution is common place for around $100, and - in the hands of an experienced user - down to 0.0005" or less resolution, for a digital caliper costing no more than $250.

My point? If you are a RBA, RTA, RDA, mech mod... or otherwise "advanced aficionado" of vaping products, this is a tool - much like a DMM, ceramic tweezers, thread gauge, butane torch or o-ring fabrication kits - that belongs in your bag O' tricks. Without dial or digital calipers - like being electrically "blind" without a DMM - you are dimensionally blind.

So, rather than resort to asking the most base of questions... in the hopes that someone - with both device, calipers and enough empathy for your sad plight - will take the time to measure... drop $25 and get your own.


P.S.... Do you build your own coils? You do! Great! Ever wonder why your builds will often come out different from the calculated values generated by a Steam Engine build model?
Ready for it? Did you obtain a decent caliper or micrometer? Measure your coil wire. Now compare that measurement to the default value for the gauge, as indicated in Steam Engine. Not the same is it... there's the reason your builds always seem a little off. [​IMG]
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