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Double barrel microcoil with the KLF+

Published by TheKiwi in the blog TheKiwi's blog. Views: 887

Here's a build I tried out last night. Double barrel on the kfl+.

It's not really as fancy as it sounds; basically just a microcoil build, but with 2 microcoils lined side by side.

I tired this boil once with a 1/16 drillbit, and soon realized the physical limitations of the kayfun building deck. As open and as elevated as it is, the space between the 2 posts is tiny.

With a 1/16 drill bit, tried both 32 and 30 ga kanthal. Found that they couldn't fit side by side and I didn't like it. Managed to find another screwdriver, not sure what it is, but its a tad smaller. 1/16 is basically 4/64 inch, so I'm guessing its a 3/64 width. or 3.5/64 :p

In any case, i didn't want too low a resistance, and bearing in mind the space constraint, I opted for:
- 10 wraps of 32 ga around approx 3/36 drill bit.
- came up to 1.6 ohms for the dual coil.

Didn't manage to get many pictures because quite frankly, i hated building it. Getting both aligned and then getting both leads under the screw was IMPOSSIBLE and a plain pain in the azz.

so i did 2 identical microcoils, and lined them up side by side such that both leads of each coil are side by side on each post.

spent 15 mins struggling with it and there we go



do the typical pulse burning of the coils and get em squished up:



wick em up. I actually really like the way the wick looks running parallel to each other, down to the deck.

and of course, the vape:

Had it built to 1.4 ohms. And for once rip tripper wasn't exaggerating. Running it at 4.5 ohms on my provari, and it's a very very warm and intense vape, with super dense vapor. Def not something for my ADV. Love the warmth, love the density. But the throat hit....... I'm not cut out for it hahah


Absolutely hated building it. Getting the coils in line and catching both leads under the post on both sides was a massive PITA. But. Hmm. If you love warm vapes with extremely dense vapor (which I unfortunately do), this could be worth it. Gonna try it again when my 6mg juice arrives.

Some stuff I would love to talk about / get inputs on:

1) I've never ever been a fan of building coils smaller than 1/16 in diameter. I find that any smaller, the wick struggles to keep juiced up. This is particularly worse if you use anything more than 9 wraps, since you now have a lot more wick farther into the center of the coil, and with a smaller diameter, gets hotter and dryer faster. there's a reason why super nanocoils always end up resting on cotton clouds or use outside wicking instead of having a wick through it. strangely, this build has managed to keep up, even with a fairly thick juice and chain vaping. Have had no dry hits yet, but i'm certain if i dropped the diameter, it'll happen. shrug.

2) not sure if the insulator can take the heat. So my ideal vape, esp for NETs and desserts, is one that is very warm, very dense, ideally wet, and of course flavorful. size of clouds doesn't matter to me. With the double barrel, the throat hit is big, the vape is very warm, dense, flavorful, but it is also dry. I'm just hoping that i don't end up melting my insulators from running dual coils in a tiny chamber at 13 watts. Then again, I've heard folks running a 0.8 coil on a fresh battery in a mech, so it should be fine, right?

3) Can anyone recommend a build that produces as warm a vape as this double barrel coil, maintain the density, yet also produces a nice moist vape like the chimney build? that would make me the happiest fella.

Update: almost a day now, seems like the build has broken in. the throathit isn't as huge as it was, and I'm really really enjoying the vape. It's still a relatively dry vape though.

Update: I think the next time I rewick and dry burn this fella, I'm gonna add an extra flat piece of wick that rests on the coils and runs down to the juice deck. that's traditionally helped to wetten the vapor, although I'm a tad sure that it'll cool down the vape, which is something I'm not looking forward to. will keep y'all posted :D

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