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Dripping with Automatic Battery

Published by leannebug in the blog leannebug's blog. Views: 392

I dripped for a long time with auto batts. Killed a lot of them that way, but it was rarely ever on first contact.

If you get juice in your auto you can try my tips: first, suck hard on the batty. Spit out juice. Suck again. If there is still a charge, you *may* get a little zap. Then leave the battery, hole side down, in a little cup with a tissue or napkin inside to absorb the liquid. After a couple days, repeat. Then wait again (same). A few days later you can try plugging inyour battery to charge. Most battys will survive a little juice inside. Just don't charge while wet! You want to drain out-dry out-suck out the juice first.

It also helps to have an adapter between the atty/carto and the batty. Just a wee bit more protection. I dripped on a 901 on an 801 batty (with an adapter between)

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