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Feminine Mod Needed still!!

Published by Lethalp in the blog Lethalp's blog. Views: 562

I wrote this originally in March last year. We are coming to the close of 2013 and this is still a giant void in the vaping industry!! It may be even more so now with the flood of tube mods and rebuildables. Seems the feminine side of vaping is left in the dust rather than making its mark.

I will give credit to the fact that there are many more colors and that things like wraps and charms are more common. But to me that's just decoration. Great that it's available, but it's not the same as a mod built for a woman. What I mean is a mod build from the ground up for a female. Slightly smaller, with curves, color and creativity. And it has to have all the power and extras any other high end mod would.have. If there was a female gepetto (sp) this would already be happening. He does great skulls and scary things, if he swung the pendulum the other way to fairies and butterflies, his market would double. But alas, I know he is already swamped and its difficult even for the boys to get a mod, let alone design another line.

It also seems that it's harder and harder to get wood mods, as I said it seems the tube reigns supreme, but I don't think rebuildable only look good on a tube. They would look just as good sunk down into another shape, wouldn't they?

Is the industry simply moving too fast? Another year from now will it still be the same? Trust me if I had the knowledge I would be all over this but I don't. (I don't design bags or pumps either, but I sure do buy them and there are lots to pick from!) Some modder or vendor out there is over looking the proverbial cash cow on this.

I would like to see more wood modders, not just because I like wood, but because I feel that may be the best starting point for curves. I could be wrong?

Please please, can the great vape Lord grant us a line of female inspired mods?
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