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Flat wire observations

Published by Old Greybeard in the blog Old Greybeard's blog. Views: 1847

Just a quick article on the benefits of flat wire for DIY coils. I’m not a huge fan on Claptons, I’ve never managed to get the right combination of size, material and temperature and generally found the resulting vape is too hot, the ramp times too high and if you use heavy gauge wire, they are cumbersome to form. I’ve tried a few pre-made versions as well, and my general impression has been “meh”. My best vaping to date has been simple 6-8 spaced coils, maybe at a push a twisted wire affair.

Flat wire brings a lot to the vaping party. More surface area without a large increase in volume, the theory suggests you should find an increase in cloud and flavour. I spent this afternoon with a variety of commercial and DIY juices and a selection of drippers and a tank to find out.

I used my Serpent Elevate, Oumier Wasp, a Hermetic and a clone Entheon to test for ease of coiling, flavour, cloud production and overall performance.

My conclusions?
  • The increased surface area makes a substantial difference to vapour production and flavour.
  • Using both spaced and unspaced coils made little difference, I experienced no spitback from any of the configurations.
  • The Elevate and Hermetic which can be a bit "hit and miss" coiling, both showed a marked improvement in flavour. The Wasp didn't show any change, but the huge arflow may be the reason there. I hadn't really used the Entheon much prior to this test, but the results were excellent.
  • You seem to go through more juice with flat coils. The logic behind this is simple, more contact with a hot coil = more evaporation. Consequently, the vape production is more, although you can compensate for this by reducing the power used.
  • Temperature wise, I was really impressed by the improved performance without adding excessive heat to the vape. I could take my mod up to 70+ W before the vape started to get warmish hot. Pushing the temperature up to 100W I quickly found myself in dry hit territory, even with a very wet wick.
IMG_7226.JPG IMG_7233.JPG
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