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Gapped/Split Microcoil (Kayfun)

Published by TheKiwi in the blog TheKiwi's blog. Views: 1040

Bonjour my vaping friends!

So. just a quick sharing on something I've been building and using on all my attys. I have absolutely no clue if it's smth original or it's been done by other folks, but ah, it's pretty irrelevant mm? Vapes really really well for me.

So. background to the build.

The truth is, I've never understood why everyone squish their microcoils (aka contact microcoils because the wraps are all in contact with each other). It seemed like something everyone else does, and I kinda just followed along. In fact, the only real advantage I can think of for a contact microcoil is superior thermal efficiency, resulting in faster heat up time.

(in case you're wondering what I mean by that, think of each wrap of the coil as having the same amount of current and thus wattage density. However because the wraps are now in contact with each other, the wraps in the middle of the coil experiences the highest amount of "shared heat", and this is primarily through conduction. This explains why a proper contact microcoil glows from the inside out)

Now that said, think about it. A super nice and tight microcoil essentially forms a barrel-like structure with significantly poorer permeability in the middle than at the edge, which isn't the best for vapor production, no? I mean just look at the way your vapor shoots out the next time your fire up a juiced up wick. The most aggressive vaporization occurs at the edges of the coil, yes?

So. I personally think that the contact microcoil suffers from 2 main flaws:
1) poor permeability for vapor across heating surface area, resulting in slightly lower vapor production. I also think (purely conjecture) that this causes greater gunking.
2) the center of the coil heats up faster and hotter than the rest of the coil, resulting in a excessively gunked up wick smack in the middle of the coil, and possibility some burning.

My proposed solution to that (again, no clue whatsoever if it's been done. I wouldn't be surprised if it has been since it's a painfully obvious solution) is to create a gapped microcoil, like so:



In this case, I'm using a 2mm drill bit, 28 gauge kanthal, 3 + 3 + 3 wraps, total = 1.5 ohms (higher than usual due to the length of kanthal between each subcoil)

Takes a tad more pinching and squeeing to get everything nice and glowing evenly





and that's it. wicked and ready to vape.



I personally think the flavor and vapor production is better off this sucker, but I have a feeling it's all placebo.


if anyone tries this, lemme know how it vapes : )

Oh p.s. you can always do it with a twisted wire too :p 32ga twisted with (i think) 0.7 x 0.06mm ribbon :)

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