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Hello to all vapeheads of the world!!

Published by JAY73 in the blog JAY73's blog. Views: 449

My story started in MAY of 2011. I had been a 2-3 pad smoker for 25 years. My smoke shop started selling ecigs(oh could it be true no more MR. STINKY) so i bought me one oh boy did i get screwed(the ehealth) & then i got my epower oh boy joyjoy.well how bout a little more background about my life, i have a wonderfull wife of 17y she has a rare lung cancer called D.I.P.(long medical word i cant spell shame on me) i was loosing precious time being outside with MR. STINKY then i heard about ecigs with the promise of huge savings haha. well anyway i need to wrap this up my one & only is waking up see ya soon.P.S. keep on vaping and tell somebody about what we do & why.. {;~{)
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