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It's a tough call on whether or not to conduct a search every time you want to post something in addition or completely new. I'd hate to try and regulate that sort of thing in an easy going forum. Rigidity and too many rules would make ECF a turn off. Most of the people here are very nice. I've come across a few who are not, and it may just be their personality or day. I'm not here to sell anything and have no stake.

I often look at posts and that is what piques my interest in a subject matter, and if I require more info or want to throw down, I do so. I might post, I might not. I might start a new thread, I might not. Not that I have not used the tools available for research, I have, and ECF is very useful. Lots of knowledge here. There are many different levels of user etiquette, so I don't get all up in arms abt who posts what, and the best part is I'm not an admin here. (I'm an admin at although, I've not been hanging out there recently, I'm always welcomed back by the senior admins.) You make your bones, come and go, and take what you will. My toes have been stepped on everywhere and I do not wear a cape or get paid by the post, so it does not matter.

Been through all the flame wars at college...and so I avoid most of them in places like this. Every name in the book that could be said, has been. We're a loosely affiliated team here. I do not think it necessary to back up every claim as most of the info is opinion for whatever that's worth. The taste of an e-liquid is going to be based on so many factors, it is almost nonsensical to even ask or provide detailed review. Mods, RDAs, and tanks made out of stainless and plastic vary less than 5%, but many swear there is a vast difference. Nonetheless, as a whole, we either work together or we're done. Etiquette is a tough one. Some get all flustered b/c they see their work going to waste. Sometimes, I throw down and do a ton of work, but lets face it, NOBODY CARES most of the time, and so it goes to waste. It is a way of passing/wasting time, or if put to good use, there may be some very valuable info in the very next post.

My background probably explains my easy going attitude on what it is we are achieving here: owned my own ISP in two states where I managed around 10 to 15 daily in sales and software development 94 to 97 at two universities, Iowa State and Champaign-Urbana. BS MIS Big 12, AAS Cisco Internetworking, AA Architecture, AS General studies, EE Comp Eng 3rd year Big 12, and now am either going to more in to DevOps (VMware / Python / Microsoft / Linux) or get the heck out of IT altogether. I'd rather be doing something where I'm paid well, and aggravated by management very little. Sounds like I may be going back in to business for myself.

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