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Kitchen WTA method ---------minimizing initial basic water volume

Published by tceight in the blog Designing an effective and Kitchen safe Whole Tobacco Alkaloid extraction. Views: 302

my reasoning to reduce the initial basic water volume is to maximise the transfer at a 'poor' partition coefficient of 4:1, thereby increasing overall yield.

if you use 40 ml of water and 40 ml of oil, then the most you will get is 75% transfer.
if you use 20 ml of water and 40ml of oil, then your potential increases to 88%
if you use 10 ml of water, and 40ml of oil, then it increases again to 94%

very little water is needed, as water molecules and the -OH ions highly mobile.
I would normally add the water a little at a time to ensure uniform distribution, but as a test of mobility, I added 10ml of basic water on top of 25grams of finely powdered dry tobacco. The water 'pooled' on the top due to surface tension, with little being absorbed. I'll leave it and see how long it takes to uniformly saturate the tobacco.
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