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March 10

Published by Tankgirl in the blog Tankgirl's blog. Views: 304

Today was a semi-successful vaping day. Btw, I noticed I posted my anti-paypal polemic twice. Guess I was fairly pissed. Still am, but I think that I will try to just do what I can to help out on the activism front, but try not to ruin for myself the fun I've been having learning and experimenting and communicating with other vapers. I'm getting real serious about quitting as quickly as I can, especially since I really don't want to get caught without my pv supplies before its all legislated out of existence.
I'm going to lay in a good supply of nicotine juice and pick up as many extras for my tornado as my funds allow.
Speaking of the tank... I don't know what it is, but I think the draw is getting a bit hard and I think I am doing nothing heinous here. I'm thinking that I need a very low pg percentage, the vg is just too gloppy and the wick is always clogged if I don't baby it all the time. I am really pleased with my new boge lr cartos, the draw is effortless, the vapor is out of this world, and since I don't taste anything anyway, I don't miss any potential flavor loss!:D The heat is a bit much on the lips and I need my drip tip ( how does anyone actually manage to drip into it without getting juice all over? It's tiny) for sure to not burn myself. BTW, I pay extra for an aluminum tip, but the plastic one does a better job- it doesn't conduct heat as much, duh. I wondered before I bought it, but the color was so pretty.... I really love that crackling popping thing the cartos do, very cool
I purchased a tornado cone to go over the carto and the thing looks less silly now w/out that skinny stick on top of the fat battery. I think that for me it's feasible to refill the things for about 3 days tops because I really use a lot of juice.
I have some 36mg nicotine juice and it is too much of a good thing, but I had to try, the 24mg wasn't cutting it. I also suspect that not everyone mixing juice is a math wizard ;) (?)
I taste nothing but am learning to enjoy the great smell as I vape and the way my environment now smells more sweet. People tell me I smell like perfume and that just cracks me up when I remember how my smoking smell was received!
I do still smoke though but I can barely get through a whole ciggie now, the taste is getting to be revolting.

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