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Mixing 101

Published by Capt.shay in the blog Capt.shay's blog. Views: 964

With things being the way they are with the FDA, a whole lot more people are turning to DIY. I have been mixing for a few years now and started out using syringes and measured cylinders. Along the path I came across people who were mixing by weight. The idea appealed to me and I have been a proponent ever since. I find mixing by weight easier, more consistent and quicker than mixing by volume. Bellow I will show you how I mix by weight and I hope it helps some of my fellow vapors out during these bleak deeming times.

You will need:

Nicotine From places like Nude Nicotine, Vapors Tech, or Hartland vapes to name a few.
VG, PG From Places like Bulk Apothecary, or wizard labs to name a couple
Flavorings From places like Bull City for small amounts or directly from the manufacturer.

Here, on the right, you can see that the VG, PG and Nic. are in squeeze bottles (available on Amazon among other places). I have the bottles clearly marked and they are also different sizes to avoid any confusion.
On the left are the two flavors I will be using for this recipe (Flavor West Yellow Cake and TFA Marshmallow) and on these bottles I have Yorker caps that I ordered from Flavor West. For flavor bottles that wont accept Yorker caps, I use disposable pipits to transfer the liquid (I purchased 500 on E-bay for very little money, I still have about 400 of them a couple of years later)

Since I don't have WiFi in my mixing room, I use a program called Liquix (available at the app store) on a pad as my calculator. This and most current calculators offer a weight bassed option built in. Here is a picture of the screen of my pad that shows what we will need to make today's recipe called "Twinki" 60ml, 30PG,70VG 2mg/l. As you can see, we will need 7.49grams of Yellow Cake (12%), 2.50grams (4%) of Marshmallow, 1.25grams of 100mg/l nic., 7.49grams of PG and 52.92grams of VG.

We begin by placing the 60ml bottle on the scale and press "tare" to zero the scale. We will then drop 7.49g. of Yellow Cake in to the bottle:

We then again Tare the scale and add the next ingredient 2.50g. of Marshmallow:
Then 1.25g of Nic.:
And 7.49g. of Pg:

At this point, we can simply top the bottle off with VG to complete our mix as we are using a bottle that is the same size as the batch size or you can measure out the 52.92 grams of VG.


And your done! That's it. Nothing to wash or rinse. It is about as simple and easy as you can get when mixing juice. I highly encourage you to give it a try. It is a rare case indeed where someone who has given this method an honest try and gone back to syringes. I wish I had used this method from the beginning and if your just starting out, I would highly recommend skipping the syringes all together.

The thread where this post first appeared in is.... Mixing By Weight: Basics 101

Happy Mixing!
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