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Mundy's Magic Wires

Published by TheKiwi in the blog TheKiwi's blog. Views: 1105

For the good folks who know me, I've recently procured a handdrill.

You see, I've always been a huge skeptic of bold exaggerated claims, and twisted wires was one of those things. It simply did not make sense to me that twisting the wires could necessarily make such a huge difference in the vape experience.

Needless to say, I've been proven wrong. Very, very wrong.

In the past month, I've experimented with:
1) double 32ga
2) triple 32ga
3) double 30ga
4) double 28ga
5) 32+30ga hybrid
6) single twisted ribbon (until it buckles on itself to form incredible compact ribbings)

and it is true: twisted wires are a leap beyond what a normal kanthal can give you.

Now there is a caveat to this: we all have our individual preferences for our vapor. I say this based entirely on my own personal preference: I love varm, dense, moist vapes. and most importantly, I value flavor above everything else. Throat hit and vapor production are both highly desirable, but I have no interest in cloud-chasing or getting rammed in the throat by a truck. So if you like the same kinda vape as I do, you will enjoy twisted wires tremendously.

But of course, just when I thought I had found vaping nirvana, a fella ECF-er suggested that I check out Mundy's Magic Wire. (shoutout to Gigdujour . Thanks for the introduction!). For those who don't know, MM is essentially an incredibly intricate twisted wire made up of multiple twisted ribbon kanthal. The process results in the formation of a wire with little "cups" running along the entire length of the wire, resulting in the most ridiculous surface area per length you will see in any heating element. Here's a picture:

View attachment 328428
Photo credits: pdib

This was of course "invented" by the genius Alexander Mundy, also a fellow ECF. he has a thread on this that can be found at

Needless to say, I was tempted and tried my hands on it.

The recommended dimensions of the ribbon kanthal was 0.6 x 0.07 mm. However I only had 0.6 x 0.1 at this moment.

Did my first attempt, triple twisted, and i got this:

Apparently that turned out well. Only problem was that i wanted to use it on the kayfun, and the wires were simply too fat, and the resistance were too low.

Redid it, but this time using only double twisted ribbon kanthal, and i got this:


Mounted it on my kayfun:

I shan't bore you with the details, so i'll go right to the point:

- Throat hit isn't the most spectacular, but it is good
- Vapor production is very good, but not smth you would be getting huge clouds with
- the vape is a very warm vape (at 15 watts)
- vapor is extremely dense
- Most importantly, the flavor is VERY VERY good (best I've found by far).
- the wire IS thick. You're either gonna have to drill out your posts, or end up being like me and only using the double twisted version.

Some things that I have yet to spend enough time to figure out, but might be a concern:
1) I can see gunk accumulating and getting trapped in every crevice on the coil. Might be an issue if you're using juice that are notorious coil gunkers
2) I do all my coils at 1/16 drill bit. Now this coil goes through A LOT of juice. which leads me to worry about whether my wicking can keep up. Right now all my juices are 50/50 or 70PG, and I havent had any problems. I will be trying out my boba's bounty though to test out the wicking and the gunking factor.
3) It is considerably more tedious to make than the usual twisted wires

In short, if your vaping preferences are like mine and you like spending hours perfecting builds, you are gonna enjoy MM. I would strongly recommend folks out there to at least give it a shot and see if it tickles your fancy. Till then!

ETA: I would include a step by step section, but really, the thread by Alexander Munder is a far better resource to check out. And I like it so much I kinda want all credits to go to him. So do check it out : )
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