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My Boyz !

Published by VAPOINSANO in the blog Mum'blins+Grum'blins. Views: 309

theres 2 of you boyz
you look like cute little toys

you have manners like kings
georgous angels w/o wings
you dont realize your true size
bigger than elvis from the inside

with your couragous tiny hearts
content,happy and oh sooo smart
theres not a thing that scares you
i smile inside, everytime i see you

your worse than kids, just kiddin
polar bear cubs are always willin
great holy terriers hunting for the kill
you dont catch it ,im sure nothing will

smart as all can be,cant get by you
theres nothing bad that you can do
you love me so much, its never ending
your so precious + worth defending

my words for you so elusive
never meaning to be intrusive
my boyz my boys
my happy little daddys boyz

i love you 2........:)

a dog is the only animal
that loves you more
than it loves itself!:facepalm:
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