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My Departure from Vape TV....

Published by cozzicon in the blog Cozzicon: The Darth Vaper. Views: 427

Time to move on...

Sometimes when things happen in this community it is important to stay ahead of the ball. Or better yet, to be where the ball "will be". So in order to make sure there are no questions or controversies, I'm posting the following:

Today 12.21.2011 I have resigned, for personal reasons, as a Vape TV host.

I would like to take the opportunity to say that my experience working with Lu and BSP has been exemplary, productive, and fulfilling. In short an excellent experience.

Vape TV, as a vaping media outlet, has a bright future, excellent hosts, and good leadership. I was given freedom and very few restrictions about what content I could bring to the table. When there were restrictions, they were few and well explained.

While my reasons for departure are of a personal nature, I have expressed them fully to the management of Vape TV, and my commentary was received with understanding.

In short there is no drama to feed on. No bad guy.

There's just the future.

Bearing in mind that I'm simply a "stooge with a web cam", I just wanted to get this out there into the vaping community before speculation took over. It's important that no one manufactures divisiveness regarding this change.

Be well,

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