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My wish list for the vaping community

Published by Jman8 in the blog Jman8's blog. Views: 365

  1. Reasonable regulations by the FDA. Banning of any sort = unreasonable.
  2. That a day comes, sooner than later, for vaping to stand on its own.
  3. Second hand vapor gets recognized for what it is, harmless to humans, regardless of their age
  4. Everyone reading this tries at least 30 new vaping flavors within the next calendar year. With or without nicotine.
  5. That the whole wide world stop hating on logs, especially ex-smokers, particularly ex-smokers that vape now. The world needs less ANTZ types, not more. No need to put logs down in order to boost appeal for all things vaping. (See #2 wish)
>> More wishes forthcoming
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