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Penelope Hybrid Wick...

Published by jcwest in the blog Vapers Corner. Views: 357

So.. To start.. I didnt take pictures but will the next time I do this..

Today i had the idea (being that ive been through every genesis made) that if the penelope was great.. It MIGHT be
greater if you did a hybrid wick.. So.. Knowing that screwing the ring down the mesh would absolutely NOT work
and keep a good oxidization i pondered on how could i get mesh in the wick..

Just do it dead center under the coils to protect the silica/cotton..

5 minutes later.. What was a perfect vape turned into a double perfect vape...

Basically i just cut about a 3/16ths square piece of mesh oxidized it and wrapped it around the cotton rolled the coil
4/5 coil.. (1 off the left side of the mesh 3 on the mesh 1 off the right side of the mesh) finshed the setup as per
usual on a penelope..

To describe the flavor difference is kinda difficult.. One of my favorite sweet vapes is Strawberry Banana Smoothie
from alt smoke.. Checked the resistance and it read 2.1 ohms capped it up filled it up and started to vape the new
hybrid wick.. My wife tried it and her first words were.. "WOW.. the strawberry really comes through more" and that
was also what i first noticed.. There is a certain flavor note that you can only get on mesh with sweet flavors and adding
this tiny piece of mesh under 70% of the wick not only added that "Note" to the flavor but also gave me a very
slight increase in what was already amazing vapor..

SO .. Give it a try im sure this was descriptive enough for anyone with a penelope to try it.. and the next time I do it
ill be sure to take pictures..

Thanks for reading and


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