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Possible permutstions of Kayfun

Published by Two_Bears in the blog Two_Bears's blog. Views: 401

Dont think there is a complete list its very extensive.

Kompact Kayfun 2.5 ml

Kayfun with 34 mm bell cap w nano chimney. 2.8 ml

Silverplay base w chimney and Kayfun nano chimney 2.5 ml

Kayfun in Orchid tank 4 ml

Kayfun M tank 5 ml

Kayfun standard chimney . 4.5 ml

Kayfun steel tank4.5 ml

One ECF member rigged a longer chimney and had a 34 mm bell cap sitting on top of an M tank giving him a Kayfun that held 9-10 ml.

You could do same thing with shorty 25 mm tall bell cap 9-9.7 ml tank.

Then you have to bring in tge kayfun snd clone bases.
Lite Plus
Lite plus V2
Monster V3
Monster Mini V3

The new Mini V3. And K5 not compatible with pieces above

The Mini that is onlt 18 or 19 mm diameter

There could be hundreds of permutations that could be assembled when you consider the different deck screw screws available

Then you need to consider all the pieces bases that came and went before i got into Kayfuns. You could have tens of thousands of permutations possible.
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