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ProVari GunMetal Edition FINISHED!

Published by jcwest in the blog Vapers Corner. Views: 265

Well.. A couple weeks ago i started sanding away at my black provari and then buffing it.. Now after a couple of weeks of using it my hands have smoothed it out to a beautiful finish.. I call it the GunMetal edition because i left the black in the grooves giving it a slightly agressive look.. Kinda like racing stripes on a car.. I am absolutely elated at the results and anyone wanting to see what this could look like after a bit of work and a couple weeks of your hands naturally polishing it.. Here ya go..

By the way the extension caps also have the dots black..

And think.. A guy on the original post said it looked like someone hacked up a provari with sand paper lol..

  • Renzuli
  • jcwest
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