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Re: taste map

Published by Tankgirl in the blog Tankgirl's blog. Views: 337

Wow, that sounds like it was a cool experiment with the Q tips. We never did anything fun like that in elementary school, but I did go to school in Germany, back in the Middle Ages...

Now, when my taste buds are back (aren't yet, unfortunately) I will definitely have to try that with my daughter Lily. She's nine years old and the reason, along with my 27 year old son David, that I even fight this hard to quit smoking. I think she and her buddies would love a little tongue mapping! Let's see, for sweet, we can do chocolate or just sugar. Salt for salty, vinegar for sour (or lemon), lime juice for bitter (?), don't know at all about the "savory", have to check it out.
I found a good article on the five tastes and the tongue, etc.

Anyway, I'm not back to normal yet, mostly because I was having some trouble with my pv stuff and have still continued smoking a bit, Still the old buds are improving little by little and I can taste my juices on the very back of my tongue, the back sides, and the tip. Not reliably yet, but on and off. It's so much better than it was that I'm not complaining and I'm going to start reviewing liquids as soon as possible. Have a lot to say about all that, but don't want to do anyone a disservice by giving a bogus review.
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