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Replaceable batteries or not?

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Why have a mod that takes removable batteries?

This was important to me for a few reasons:
  • The mod if high quality might well outlast a fixed battery. So, for example, the istick once its battery is gone its all gone. The sigelei mini might outlive the lifespan of one battery.
  • Spares... It is easy to throw a couple of charged batteries in a wee plastic box (so they don't rub keys and spark) and then you don't end up stranded waiting for the mod to charge.
  • More control over the batteries you use
  • Long term more cost effective, though in the short term if you need a charger and batteries and a mod... it might end up being $40 - $70 more.
  • Better mods, ones with more power/features/2 battery slots for longer life... those tend to use replaceable batteries. Not all, but enough of them.
  • As new batteries come out you could get ones with a bit more Mah for example, and give your mod an extra wee bit of vape time before the next charge.
  • Can use the charger for other household batteries a lot of the time, like AAA.

To be fair, the possible downsides...
  • A non removeable battery device can be a wee bit smaller
  • Don't have to worry about getting charger, finding right batteries, paying a wee bit more up front maybe.. if you get something that has a built in battery and usb cable
  • A bit simpler with the built in battery mods, maybe...
For me it is absolutely 10000% better to have mods where I replace the batteries... I can get the safest charger plus batteries plus mod money can allow me. Every year I can get a fresh set and benefit from improved chemistry and capacity. And once you have paid $30 - $70 for a good safe charger, batteries are $5 - $8 a piece so very inexpensive.

Most folks seem to lean towards xtar chargers these days so I might try that if the nitecore were to unexpectedly die. The nitecore had a lot of good reviews though and has a lot of protections built in.

Battery Safety

Thanks to Baditude :) ... Great info
Stick with good vendors like - Flashlights, Batteries, Carry Gear, Intelligent LED Lighting, and More!
Stick with brand names like Samsung, LG, Panasonic
Sony make some great batteries but be extra sure to get those only from illumn or others recommended on ECF.. since people love em there are a lot of fakes.
Look for continuous discharge rating, pulse rating and any battery claiming to be over 20Amps.. it is probably a lie.
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