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Saving money by vaping

Published by Harlen in the blog Harlen's blog. Views: 397

The way I see it is that you have got to start with good tools.
i use eGo 1300 mah battery's not fancy but work real good .
Get to know how to mix your own juice ( this is the big one ) there are online tools to help with this.a lot of them.
Ce4-ce5-ce6 are great MT3 are great too there are cheep as well.
When I quit smoking I got a new hobby with it (vaping)
It is hard not to get into a buying frenzy with all the new toys out there but do you need them ?? Lots of different juices out there but do you need them ? This is what I ask myself do I need that .99% of the time the answer is no just wish it lol
I may get in to building mods and heads rapping my own coils but for now going on the cheep.
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