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I had one of my posts "pulled for review" tonight, and I honestly don't understand. I don't believe I was rude, overly obnoxious, or vulgar.
True, I may not have expressed a popular opinion on the subject (at hand), but it was just that... my opinion. One of the great things about this world, is the fact that we do all have various opinions and viewpoints. We come from a vast array of lifestyles, communities, even countries. We are bound to view things differently. In this particular case, we all have been informed with little bits of information, so how can we NOT have different viewpoints?

It reminds me of a thread I posted on a couple of months ago. Someone had linked a "deal" for the masses to participate in, and some did not feel comfortable using the link. A fellow forum member was a bit "harsh" in their opinion of what was happening. They commented on our morals, and whether or not we should 'participate' in said deal. I did not take kindly to the words used to describe myself and others (by this individual) and was quite frank in my rebuttal.
After thinking it through, I apologized to the original poster, as he was a friend, and I felt I sullied his good find. His reply made me feel at ease. "This is a forum made up of a great number of people, all with different opinions. There is nothing wrong with you expressing yours. We are all adults here, and that is what makes the forum alive (sic)".

I think of his reply often. He is a very wise and kind soul, and always handles himself in a polite manner. Although I had a knee-jerk reaction on his thread, his view of the situation was quite profound.
We ARE all different, and we will all have different viewpoints and opinions. Expressing these opinions (in a non-threatening way) IS what makes for a lively conversation and there is nothing wrong with that. If we live in a society that has to constantly censor what we say, then where is our individuality and uniqueness? If we only state the "popular" or "safe" comments, then are we really being honest and true to ourselves?
I think not. Nor do I want to be a part of anything so constricting and mundane.

For now, I shall just have to wait and see. Will my comments be erased? Or will they be allowed to exist as just that; my opinion.
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