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Some info about nicotine and diy

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One note to add... for those that are new to purchasing unflavored nic, for DIY. The best nic is clear and odorless, without a doubt. However, the stronger the MG, the LESS clear, and the MORE odor it will have. This is normal. When you start getting into buying 100mg nicotine, it isn't clear anymore, nor is it odorless... all very normal. Once it's diluted down to something vapable (and you should NEVER vape 100mg nic) THEN it will be clear.
Also, I would never suggest to anyone starting out, to purchase 100mg. Yes, it's cheaper, however, it is more dangerous, especially when you have children and pets around. It's recommended to start about 36mg, till you get a feel for things, and get comfortable with precautions, mixing, etc.. before moving on to higher MG levels.
I started at 36 (by Levy's own suggestion).. then moved on to 50.. until I was finally comfortable purchasing/working with 100mg. Even though I now purchase 100mg, I mix a few bottles down to 50mg- and then work with those when making my juice.

Best of luck, and there is tons of great reading material around ECF, and many wonderful folks willing and eager to assist in any way~
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