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Kayfun Lite Plus

I have my thoughts on this in a later post about my everyday devices. I recommend it highly :)

Kanger Subtank mini

The kanger subtank? No regrets there.I got a couple to vary flavour when I got the istick. I still use it with my sigelei minis as the travel/on the road/too lazy to figure something else out pair.

It holds a decent amount of juice, hasn't leaked on me at any point and can take sub ohm or 1.2 ohm coils. For rebuilding coils and wicks I started with the kayfun lite plus and now use the RDAs, but it is nice the subtank has that option. My only negative is the occ kanger coils can be prone to making loud pops especially after a few hours of sitting idle. It does seem to vary by the box of coils and hopefully Kanger gets better quality control. It could be disconcerting at times, not enough to make me stop but still a wee bit jarring especially, in the morning.

Aspire Nautilus

This is a great tank that holds lots of juice (5ml) and while not as new and exciting as the subtank/atlantis etc, is still a great option. The combination of Provari and Nautilus is especially fantastic. You won't be blowing clouds as big as with the subtank and other mods, but it is flavourful, satisfying and quiet. And if you are just starting out vaping the provari and nautilus might be an easier starting point.

Just be sure to get the metal tank cover to protect the nautilus tank, the stock is just glass. For $20 or so you can get a replacement glass piece that has a metal patterned outer cover that will give more protection if you drop it.

Aspire Atlantis

A good tank, be sure to get the newer generation cotton coils for it though. It does really need about 40 watts to get the best flavour, at least for me. The general consensus seems to be in the 30 -40 range, so just enough to make my sigelei mini too weak for it. I think if I hadn't started using drippers AKA RDAs I would have gotten more use out of the atlantis.
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