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The battle rages on..

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I'm so damn sick of smoking, and now I'm going a little nuts with my vapor stuff, I want All of it.
Went to VK in Sand Springs today, like kid in candy store. Wanted it all, actually bought menthol and "Mad Cow" juice in the hopes I will taste SOMETHING. No such luck yet, but I am still smoking and can't expect my taste buds to be revived yet.
I tried smelling some samples-blueberry, cherry, cheesecake, mad cow. De nada. I could smell the regular menthol and bought it even though I don't like mint or menthol. I don't like a strong cinnamon, candy-type one either, but have been told that might be a good strong one to get through.
I bought a 1000 mAh silver ego battery, too, some new blank tank carts, and as a last-minute inspiration I asked about the low resistance cartomizers I've read so much about. She popped one on my ego after showing me how to (carefully) drip juice onto the filter. I took a quick puff and a HUGE stream of vapor hit the back of my throat and almost choked me. I coughed a bit and they both told me to take loooong, slow drags, demonstrating. I did, still almost choked on throat hit, but exhaled an enormous white cloud. I loved it! Been playing around with both of my styles- the tank and the LR. I like them both very much and consider myself lucky that I am a newbie now that so many improvement to PVs have been made. The only down to the LR is that it heats up too much at times. I might spring for a cone after all. Cosmetically it will look better, too I think, but that long silver battery hanging out front there with that itty-bitty black stem I stick in my mouth- something crude and sexy about it. Also, there's no WAY you would mistake it for an analog. More like a space cigar.
I'm excited to have indulged my growing obsession with pv STUFF and can see myself easily spending more than I do for cigs, but I think I'll calm down and get started counting my savings. I want one of those banners that announce how many days without a smoke and how much money saved. Some have something else, too, but can't remember right now. Oh well, I don't care, am a bit giddy and have a weird tast on my tonge from continually vaping my juices will-nilly. I think I smoked maybe 5 cigs today. Just amazing.... Never thought it'd happen, thought I was doomed to a disgusting early end which I'd brought on myself. I tell everyone I see smoking about it. I'm like a proselytizing, fundamentalist Christian, or a recovering alcoholic (which I am in a way).
I'm going to blog away to myself, like journaling. If anyone wants to ride this newbie journey with me, that's ok.
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