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The Future Ta-Da

Published by VAPOINSANO in the blog Mum'blins+Grum'blins. Views: 349

the wheel.......

been vapin hard all day
gotta say, such a nice change
from what were ,the bad ol'dayz

never thought i would,didnt think i could
get rid of those awful things, for good
200 yrs or so,nothings really changed
way tobacco's normally displayed

well well hey hey my my
were all in for a grand surprize
could we really be winning
in the earliest beginning

really looked quite dismal
funny how they did it,
a 21st century,
battery powered gizmo

dont count us out as dreamers,
if theres will ,theres a way, forever
with few nutz + bolts, mix "n" a stir
presto, vapin invention's been the cure

a new era has dawned
and its shining bright
will be just a matter of time
before cigarettes total demise

yes theres a moral to this story
its here,its now and glorious
just when you figure the games over
guy beside you finds a 4 leaf clover!

ohh... the humanity,
lucky charms any1 ? :2cool: lmao
VAPE'ON VAPERS g'bye 2010
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