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The Mysterious Uncle Junk..Finding The Juice

Published by Sirius in the blog Sirius's blog. Views: 608

It's been over two years since I put down a 43 year cigarette habit. I was quite surprised at how easy it was using electronic cigarettes as they are called. PV to me and the liquid that goes with them I call juice.
The juice is the subject just about ever new vaper wants to talk about after they find a good PV. I can tell you I have found some really good ones out there..but it has been quite an adventure.

I got pretty lucky early on and found a B&M juice called Uncle Junks Jon Wayne. It's a tobacco vape and a really good one,..but I couldn't find anything on the maker himself. There is this one story about him.

People often ask how Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice came to be and the answer is really, from the ashes of a cigarette. After nearly 35 years of smoking traditional cigarettes, Uncle Junk had worked his way up to almost 2 packs a day...he’d had enough. A friend told Uncle Junk about electronic cigarettes and he decided to give one a try. Much to his surprise Uncle Junk never picked up a tobacco cigarette again.Soon after Uncle Junk started vaping, he set out to create an e-juice and a brand that was more suited to his taste. After months of tinkering with the flavors, creating recipes and asking everybody he knew to give them a try, Uncle Junk was finally confident enough in his first four flavors to share them with his fellow vapers. Next, he brought samples of his e-juice to a couple of local vape shops and hence Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice was officially born.

Sounded a lot like me except that I happen to really suck at DIY juices. Oh I have tried and failed to achieve anything close to a top shelf juice. So I guess going on the hunt was just the natural thing for me to I did.

So far,..
Troop Wol and Andrea Ramaglia of The Plume Room,.and Wlad and Alley Foo of Ahlusion,. have served me well. No mystery why,..or even who these fine folks are. They are all well respected vendors,..and if you are reading this and can't seem to find a really good might want to give some of these vendors first shot. I promise you,..they will have something to scratch your itch. These vendors each have one or more juices in my top 10.

Good luck in your vaping adventure. Hope you find that toe curling vape! ;)
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