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The PIF rules

Published by leannebug in the blog leannebug's blog. Views: 368

In our lovely Pay It Forward group, the mods are constantly having to post rule reminders. I'm sure it's frustrating for them, but the thing that strikes me the most, is the SAME rules are broken over and over... I have seen this situation time and again. I have even taken a break for some of these same reasons. Thank goodness for the PIF mods that do work hard to keep these things to a minimum these days. I've also not followed the rules myself, and tend to give privately to preserve both my own reputation (so that *I* am not repeatedly PMed) and save the face of someone needing something (it's HARD for us to take a 'handout' sometimes!)

If you are taking advantage of PIF... here are a few examples of WHY and HOW this ends up being a problem (from an older member). I have a nice stock. This is true. First of all.. I save everything :) I have gone from paying for 3 packs of cigarettes a day (for 2 people) to purchasing for one vaper (myself).. so my budget was a bit bigger. I do alot of DIY, so I can save money that way. I was also raised to share. If I have 3 atties and JoJo needs 1.. I see that as: 1 for me, 1 for Jo, and an extra. If I have it, and someone else needs it.. it's a no-brainer.

Now what's unusual about that? Around here.. not much, it's very common place :) If I am frugal, and watch for deals, I can pick up sets, or discounts, and pass these things along. Personally, I need to do this. I'm a single mom, disabled (so I do not have a salary income), I live on a fixed income, and pay for the things I need. I am blessed enough to come from a family that lives and behaves as I do, we help each other. I feel VERY lucky... and I pass these things along to others that may need something, because whatever it is.. if it's not being used at the moment. In my mind, it's an extra.

I am often asked for things. If I make a PIF, or a comment offering to help, I am oft times PMed by multiple members asking for other items. Sometimes I offer one item, but I am then asked for something else. I have had people buy themselves something, then come to me to 'gift' items for their family members. Or- they may be out of something, and they ask me to supply it. I have given full packages (because someone needed it ATM) and then seen it put up for sale the next week. All these things are hard for me to swallow. I try to give without strings, I do not ask for something in return, (I'd rather see that these gifts get paid forward), and more importantly: not everyone that falls into these categories take advantage... they may end up big contributors of the community too. This is how it's supposed to work!!.. and it motivates me to return if I feel jaded about PIF!

I guess my point is this; people are often treated like stores around here.. in more ways than one. They will always be taken advantage of, and chased off. Luckily we have many many great mods and rules and 'community watchdogs' that watch out for those like me. I probably wouldn't BE here if not for those safety nets. I have never ever been one to like rules. (usually the rule breaker!) And I have to bite my tongue sometimes when Miss Bee pulls out her whip... but I will be the first to step up and say "Thank You" for all the hard work, for if it weren't for the rules, this place would have crumbled long ago.

Now go re-read the rules, play nice :laugh: and have fun!
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