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The Year Flew By

Published by starsong in the blog Starsong's Journey. Views: 452

And so ends my first 365 days of being a dedicated vaper. (insert wild applause)

This adventure was unbelievably easy. There were some tough times due to supplies being unavailable, but not due to wanting to fall off the wagon. There was actually no time where I wanted to throw in the towel.

Yes, I did smoke a few times - had a couple cravings, but mostly out of curiosity. I would think, hmm I bet a cigarette would be really good right now. But after that first puff, bleck!! Can't believe how nasty they taste now.

I was lucky I found the right equipment fairly quickly. The experimentation with PV styles and vendors was short lived so I didn't waste too much on unwieldly mods. The battery & cartos from Bloog ran circles around the outdated stuff sold elsewhere. Switched to Smokeless Image because they had the same stuff but much better service. I'm not even tempted to try another style of battery right now.

Settled down with RY4, 555 and Frisco from Vapor Station. I tried dozens and dozens of other flavors and nothing hits the spot like those do. I'll always have a soft spot for V4L Wowboy, but haven't ordered that in months now. Halo's Tribeca was good too, but just too expensive.

I'm happy & comfortable with my routine. Not quite as convenient in some regards (supplies), but a lot more convenient in others (like being able to vape indoors).

So now I just sit back and wait for the rest of the world to become enlightened. Get the FDA off our backs, get govt, employers and insurance companies to realize it isn't smoking - encourage vaping, don't punish us as smokers. Hopefully some day this will become mainstream and manufacturing can be done here instead of China, and vaping supplies can be easily bought at the corner store instead of mainly online.

And I hope all that comes in my lifetime - which should now be a little longer because I was able to quit smoking thanks to ecigs! :thumbs::wub:
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