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Trouble quitting?

Published by leannebug in the blog leannebug's blog. Views: 382

(And a little of my story down the vaping highway..... always keep in mind YMMV (your milage may vary).. what works for one, may not work for another!!)

First thing.. absolutely: stop smoking in the car, stop smoking in the house, don't make it easy on yourself. If it takes effort to light up, then you have to think about it first.

Second.. you are probably one of the ones that needs those 'other' things in the cigs.. the MAOI's etc. DeVap did some extensive studies on it, and if I had the link I'd link you to it.. but do a search.. it's here on ECF somewhere. There are some of us (myself included) that get hooked on some of the other ingredients in the ciggies besides just the nic, so we need to replace THOSe as well.

SO.. go check out the nicotine alternative forum section. Many like snus. I tried that.. didn't care for it, so I used the snuff. I liked that much better (because it was like walking around 'smelling' pleasant things) IF you'd like some samples, LMK and I'll send ya a bunch.
I also went to my dr, talked about what was going on, and asked about a MAOI alternative. Since I have heart problems, taking an MAOI was not an option, so he put me on Wellbutrin for the short term. (still on it)

Next... even with all of those things.. I still could not stop the last 3-5 smokes a day. Just couldn't drop them. I tried messing with the nic levels, PV devices, and tried every flavor of juice I could find. (all the while wondering how everyone else could just quit!)

FINALLY I found a PV set up that I loved... THEN I found a juice that became my "all day vape"... and suddenely I quit. I just stopped smoking. I dont even know the exact day it happened. Not even sure how long it's been.. I think about 8 months now.

My point is.. it took a lot of factors for it to happen for me.. all the cards had to fall into place.. and then it was SO easy, I didn't even realize it was happening! So go easy on yourself. We are all different, we all need different things, different juice levels, PV's, additives, etc... there is NO one perfect answer for anyone. As long as you want this, it will happen. (and if you have a cig.. it's OK.. eventually you will find what works for you!)

I hope this helps,
wishing you the best!!

PS> after I did find my 'all day' I upped my nic at that time, and found that helped a little too :)
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