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Understanding that !@#$ leaking tank!

Published by Coastal Cowboy in the blog Coastal Cowboy's blog. Views: 179

Note: This post refers to tanks that use drop-in factory coils located at the bottom of the tank and are filled from the top. However, some of the concepts apply to rebuildable atomizers.

Some tanks need to have the airflow closed off when refilling because they rely on capillary friction and vacuum to overcome the head differential.


Stick a straw in some water and hold your finger on the top. Pull it up and the water stays put. This is because a vacuum created by your finger doesn't let the water flow out. That's what a top cap partially does on your top filling tank unless you have a leaky o-ring.

The liquid could still find a way through if it weren't for the wick material. Our liquid is thicker than water, so the right amount of very porous wick material creates enough friction between it and the juice to stop the flow.

The vacuum and the friction work together in a properly sealed tank of juice. Take away either one and you might get a leak while filling. You might also get a leak after filling if the capillary friction is defeated by a liquid pathway through the wick. Once that pathway opens, there's no closing it without a re-wick or a new coil.

When you close the airflow before filling, it's like also having a finger on the bottom of the straw.

Close the airflow, open the tank, fill it quickly, close it quickly and then open the airflow. You might also give the tank a little kiss--pull gently with you lips on the tip of a freshly filled tank while the airflow is still closed. Vacuum loss may be replaced and you should be clear to vape.
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