axmncg Jul 31, 2014
Are you saying to stack 2 of the orings on top of the rubber cap at the base of the chimney?

I use a 650mah ego and am upgrading my tanks to a mpt3. now I've learned that the ego doesn't have the power for dual coils. I really do not want to get involved with rebuilding coils.

What causes the leaking when putting a single coil into the mpt3? Why does stacking 2 orings prevent leaking? Is it the shorter chimney? Could I put the mpt3 chimney onto a single coil?

I bought 3 mpt3's and 20 rcoils (older style). Now I'm trying to force this to work with the ego.

Is the 2 oring fix still working well for you? Thanks a lot for your help.