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- 1 - digital scale. Does no good to have flavors and no scale for mixing.


- You are going to need this before doing any DIY. You need it to reseal bottles of nic, and bottles of e-liquid you make in large batches...NOT RECOMMENDED.

- Sold as "Wine preserver" but it is argon gas spray. It is more dense than air and you spray it in the bottle. It allegedly settles on top of the liquid you are trying to preserve. Is not poisonous, and does not damage e-liquids or nicotine.

- label maker
- waterproof labels
- if not a label maker possibly use masking tape and perm marker



For mixing bottles you are looking for:
- I use glass bottles from for storage of my unflavored 35-100 mg VG nic juice. The ones with eurodropper inserts, since I use them for syringe dispensing. Just stick an 18 gauge blunt needle through the center hole. With these inserts, accidental spill, which is a DISASTER with 100 mg juice, is eliminated. I use 50 mL bottles (although given how fast I go through them, I should have used 30 mL), fill them almost to the rim, put in the insert and screw on the cap.

I store them in the freezer. As long as they are brought to room temp before opening them, the liquid will not absorb much water from the air. I pull out one bottle at a time for juice making. I just pulled out a 100 mg VG bottle stored since January, and it has not even discolored compared to the original very slightly yellow, as in VERY slightly yellow. In my freezer, PG and VG do not freeze (I have some DV PG juice stored too), nor do they expand. VG becomes VERY thick, like rubber cement at the temp of my freezer. I have not tested for nic content, but the juices I make now are in my opinion no less potent than when I got the juice fresh.

Glass Boston round bottles with poly-cone caps are ideal (most premium e-juice comes in Boston round glass bottles). Choose a size that provides you about a 6 months nic supply that way you can pull just what you need from the freezer when it's needed. Fill each bottle so that there's a minimum head space to reduce the amount of air trapped/sealed inside, the small tapered neck on Boston rounds are ideal for minimizing head space/trapped air. Be sure to label the bottles with content and the date stored for stock rotation

- 30ml(buy 20), 60ml(buy 10) for vaping
- 30ml(buy 4)/60ml(buy 4)/125ml(buy 4)/250ml(buy 4) to store nic/pg/vg. Don't take a 500ml bottle of nic out of freezer and use just 30ml or less!
- 10ml/20ml/125ml(buy 4) for mixing before you knock it down to 30ml/60ml for use in vaping. ECF: @Mowgli recommends 1oz/2oz for mixing tests...but that seems very small
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