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What people say and do..

Published by JAY73 in the blog JAY73's blog. Views: 344

Well here's a little story about public vaping in my town. Me and my wonderfull wife were at our long johns eating some fish and chips i had just finished my dinner and pulled out my epower with a 1.7ohm sc in my tank when the worker asked me what i was smokin so i told her i was not smokin but vaping, she says mine dont make that much smoke i asked her what rig you got so she pulls out this little cig-alike from a gas station, she says that hers just dont cut it and that she still smokes so i educate her a little bit and tell her about ECF and my fav vendors(i really should get some biz cards) and we are on our way. Well later that nite we go to our locale grocery store and i am just vaping away as always when the store manager comes up to me an asks me if that was a smokeless cig( the same epower & tank) so i say what i got and he saya they got a complaint that i was smoking. So i ask him if i needed to stop vaping in the store and he tells me that i can vape all i want because they have no rules against it(SCORE ONE FOR THE VAPORS) well any way jusf thought i would share this with yall. Remember tell someone what we do and why... love peace & chicken grease...
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