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What's in the box? Results of Box 1

Published by AlteredReality in the blog The Juice Box ~ Reviews and Randomness. Views: 438

So here's what I've been experimenting with for the last month and my personal views on them in a nutshell :

Front Row: (favorites that have progressed to large tanks - ADV's this week, anyway...)
Cyclops Vapors: Colossus -- still love it and its been refilled several times
Cyclops Vapors: Poseidon -- fruity treat, still in good standing
Gremlin Juice: Vanilla Custard --yep, still in love w this one
Gremlin Juice: Red White & Blue -- same
Moon Mountain Vapor: Cosmo's Custard -- same
Velvet Cloud Vapor: Mewlew's Magic -- growing less fond of this one lately
Pink SPot: Happy Ending -- favorite refreshing "go to"
Pink Spot: Swagger -- less popular right now
GoodLifeVapor: YoPlay Parlay -- taking a backseat to MaddCatts Strawberry & Waffles, but still staying on the favorites rotation

Third Row: (jury is still out - but moved past dripper test to Nano test)
Big Willie's Custard - too faint for me most days, but a keeper
Quack Factory: Goose Joose --- love. - moving to front row status
HHV: Blade -- loosing its appeal of late, moving to storage for now
GLV: Deadly Sin -- traded, not loving this
GLV: El Kamino -- intriguing, but not an ADV, keeping in storage
Blueprint: C.r.e.a.m. -- love
Blueprint: a-train -- love
Blueprint: page-6 -- love

In the Bull Pen -- the drip test results are:

5 from 5Pawns ~ 5 standard sampler -- yuk. dont like their base of french vanilla. SOLD

4 from Nicoticket ~ Gravity, H1N1 "Virus", Doodle, Custard's Last Stand, Altered State - CLS and CB still my faves, Be Mine is lovely twist. Virus and Doodle are not getting used as much, but still very flavoirful vapes

3 from EC Blends ~ Dragon's Milk, Monday's Donut, and Rasberry Twinkie -- flavor just wasn't what i needed - SOLD

Jolly Rogers - Captain's Custard - good faint custard, taste disappears in a tank, but its good for toning down overly strong juice or adding a custard note to plain ones - keep

The Nectar: Cream Puff - nope, I don't get much of anything special in this one. SOLD

I'll update "what's in the Box" for this month later, until then Vape On !!

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