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  1. Ive been vaping on and off since Dec 08 when i started with an NJOY NPRO i bought at a truck stop. And since ive had problems with the NPRO then the 801's just wasnt able to keep things running and once i ran outta working parts id end up buying a pack of smokes and that was it back on analogs until i picked up another starter kit. Well back in August of 2010 I got into 510's and i was finally content. I was using just homemade Doubl A battery box mods and 14500's. Then Mod Fever hit I picked up a BB and then a Silver Bullet adn then 2 Omegas and used them religiously until about Nov when i picked up my first EGO PT from Liquid Xpress (Go2) then I realized how big those mods were and how much easier it was to carry my Go2 so i picked up a couple more Ego Pt's and Sold every other mod I had. So fromNov until March this year I used the Ego Pt's and that was it. Then I was looking around at and saw they actually had some Reo Minis in stock!!!!!!!!!!!! I picked up a Black and Silver Mini and I was hooked I was NEVER gonna drip again Bottomfed was the way to go. A few days later I picked up another Mini from somone on the forums I guess i wanted to make sure i had a back up in case i lost or my mini broke. a few days after that I saw the Woodvils hitting the website and picked up a Walnut/Zebra Woodvil and man it just got better I cant believe Ive been at this vaping stuff for going on 3 years and only now am i fully satisfied plus these Wooden Mods are not only PV's but collectables to me I love the looks and the craftsmanship that goes into these. I have since picked up a VV Ali'i and have a Feeder Grip from Sweetvapes coming in soon. Wooden mods are definately my favorites they look great and love the fact that someone took thier time and skill to make these. Ive already got my eye on a VV monkey Box and a Mark III from Red Sky. So if your in the market for a new mod give the wooden mods a try.
  2. Returned my NPRO(PeeWee model) in exchange for the penstyle. Took about 2 weeks for the exchange and I had to pay for shipping for Both Items! Then when the Penstyle gets here the atomizer craps out in 4 days. Now I dont get any response to Email or "Contact Us" message system on thier website. Customer service used to answer my email within a day. Now nothing in 5 days?8-o
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