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This is where I keep track of all my recipes for making e-juice. If I do not post in a while I have found the right combination or have lost the ability to type. :D
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  1. For my next trick - I have two small 30ml bottles with coffee soaking in them. This is Starbucks Cafe Verona (I think?). I brewed this using the reduction method. Very messy! Coffee foams! 100 ml 50/50 mixture of VG and filtered water boiled very gently in a pyrex beaker until reduced by 50% (all the water is gone, in theory. Probably not). Capped and stashed 16 days ago. Will get into it in a few days if not sooner.
  2. By the ..... goddesses saggy teat I have made snu Juice. I got into it tonight. Could not help myself. Oh sweet Jesus this stuff is incredibly strong - MUCH too strong. This has to be somewhere North of 36mg.

    Uncapped, poured through very fine metal strainer into beaker. Pulled out snu packets and squeezed out with garlic press. The liquid was dark and viscous. There were some 'dregs' from the snus. The juice is mostly a clear dark caramel color. It smells just like tobacco absolute.

    I capped it in a 50ml graduated beaker then got out my collection of snu toyz.

    In a small 3ml bottle (I think I got from Johnson Creek??) I put in 1.5 ml snu juice, 1 ml pg and .5 ml cinnamon essential oil diluted in vodka.

    That was completely disgusting. Never never never never do more than a few drops of essential oil. If you are laughing, you should be.

    I mixed in a little more PG. Vaped. Still too much bloody cinnamon, but OMFG is this stuff strong. Set my head spinning. Thereafter was a frenzy of a drop of snu juice here, a little vanilla there, some more PG. It's still disgusting (and not in a good way). The cinnamon has fouled it up and made it useless.

    However, in conclusion, I now have 50ml of some incredibly potent stuff. I spilled it on myself and am OK. No effects. Only from vaping it. So safe handling *appears* to not be an issue with this method.

    So yes. Make your own nic juice. It's possible. I feel OK (if very dizzy).

    As for mixing it to your own specs - the snu juice has a nice tobacco undertone (it did before I ruined it, anyway). The swedish snus do not appear to have any flavoring agents (thank God!). So have a blast.

    **the end**
  3. I have been sniffing, shaking and fussing with the little bottle of snu juice I made for a week. I finally sucuumbed to temptation and vaped a tiny bit.

    Oh yes. There's nicotine in there. Throat hit - all of it. Tastes like dank tobacco stank.

    Well boys and girls - it seems to work.

    I need to let it ripen for another two weeks. Can't wait! May start another batch today so I can have different batches ripening at different times.
  4. Day 1 experiment.

    Gathered up my equipment and stuff. My husband has a chem degree. I do not. He helps. Actually he is shocked because of the lack of measurements being used to extract stuff with snus. More on this later..

    Equipment and stuff:

    17mg Oden snus from

    Pipettes from a container site

    Vanillan flavor from a greek supply

    Tobacco Absolute from the Perfumer's apprentice

    150ml beaker from an herb supply in town

    100% pure USP Vegetable Glycerin bought from

    Citric acid

    Brown 100ml bottle with screw top


    I gathered all the stuff together and had my husband help me. I understand that with temperature over 100c VG may break down to acrolene (sp?) which is carcinogenic, so I did not want to do that. The beaker I bought is a chem grade or something that does not explode if you heat it. The instructions I saw on a web site about how to make herb tinctures said to boil herbs in a 50/50 solution of VG and water. I decided not to use the water because I don't want to make quite so strong a decocotion.

    People have been getting good results from snus using a cold transfer method that does not appear to damage the nic content of the pouches. At least I think so.

    In order not to go above 100c, I placed the beaker in a water bath and boiled the water. The beaker contained:

    A pinch of citric acid (because I do not have a dry scale). This should equate .5 grams (1% of 50ml). Why? I don't know. Really.

    50ml of Vegetable glycerin

    6 17mg pouches of Oden snus.

    I boiled the water for about 5 minutes. The snus let out of kind of darkish caramel looking oily substance. The VG got really warm and did not boil. I now know that is becaus ethe boiling point of VG is very high. Go figure.

    After five minutes I took everything out of the bath and let it cool. Then I took the snus out of the VG and slipped them into the brown bottle. On top of that I poured the rest of the VG and capped it. I shook the whole thing up and stashed it in a dark corner of my pantry where it will sit for 20 days or until I can't take it anymore and try to vape it :p

    That was todays experiment.
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