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Miscellaneous ramblin' from an ol' bag o' bones
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  1. Or ReadyXWick (-:

    Got the 2mm and 3mm combo pack from RBA Supplies two days ago, finally got around to making up a coil today.
    Oh yeah, RBA sent a a roll of Smarties candy with the wick, how cool is that!?

    Anyhoo this stuff is starting out AMAZING! Beats the pants right off the cotton I've been using. Sucks the liquid up off the deck of the Igo-L as fast as I can vape it. NO DRY HITS yet. Sucks the deck dry and then when it's pretty nearly dry instead of a gawd awfull nastyfoulburntheeyesscorchthethroat hit there's simply a no vaper warmth.

    Went from unflavored VG to a cinnamon and back to unflavored and it just switches from flavor to unflavored in an amazingly clean manner. No extra steps involved to switch flavors? Again, how cool is that!?

    Now to see if this stuff is as long lasting as I've read it is.
  2. Update
    Been back to work for just over 2 weeks now. Light duty in a wood shop is not as easy thing to do but the fella I work for has been waaay accommodating.

    I won't get rich or even really be able to retire from what I'm doing but I love the job all the same. Still using muscle relaxers and pain pills to get through the work-a-day but I'm gettin' there!

    Minor back surgery, well, as minor as such can be said to be, last month and now I'm going through the healing process.

    10 pound lifting restriction along with NO bending or twisting. Deep Sigh.

    So today had been really bad with respect to layin' about and feeling no motivation to do anything at all. I've been taking short walks as I'm supposed to but today I took a long walk down to the neighborhood park. Glad I did, feeling closer to human now than I have for some time (-:

    Grove of Oak trees


    Hill I'm headed for

    'Nuther bit o' Oak at the top o' the hill

    Looking back down to where I started
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