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100% VG Vender list and coupon codes

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100% VG Vender list and coupon codes

Alien Visions "All of our e-liquids in our VG line up are 100% PG-free. For the most part, the flavorings are based in VG making the whole bottle 100% VG (barring the space
needed for nicotine and those particles that make up the flavoring.) Some of
those liquids however have flavorings suspended in distilled water--the juices
are still PG-free, just not fully VG through and through".

Cignot "The Boge and Joyetech VG have no PG. The Basic line does have some flavors that have a bit of PG in the flavoring itself and those are noted in the particular flavor"

Clouds of Vapor We find that VG is better in all ways. Our juices are 100% VG, we do not use PG at all. Our Nic is also a VG base *10% with coupon code "BIGBUYER"*

DIY Flavor Shack "Get 10% off your first order with our exclusive DIY FlavorShack coupon code" Code: newtoyou

Heather's heavenly Vapes (Purity line only) "All flavor ingredients in our Purity line are propylene glycol (PG) free which is why we can offer this particular vape in your favorite PG/VG ratio including 100% organic VG if desired." 5% off Code: HHV5 or Code: 10020

High Brow Vapor "We can certainly create an all VG juice for you" 15% off Code: eCig411

Johnson Creek Red Oak line only "Yes our VG is 100% VG only. We created this line due to the sensitivity some experience with PG and we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy our Smoke Juice". Buy 3 get 10% off no coupon necessary

My Vapor Store "We recently released added a new line to our US Made Eliquids in full VG cut with 8% water (to thin out the VG)".

MY VAPE JUICE " My VG Vape line has ABSOLUTELY NO PG at all."

Naturally Extracted Tobacco 100% VG option available on many

O2Vapor - Cloud 9 is pure VG, crisp, clean & fresh. The other flavors have as much as 2.5% PG but none of them have ever bothered me. I have used their vanilla to clear up a vaping reaction. It is that pure. (my personal opinion)

Open Source Vapor - We mix pure, clean e- liquid and we're transparent when it comes to sharing what is in it. 100% free of propylene glycol, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners. We source 99.7% pure vegetable glycerin, almost 2x as pure as standard pharmaceutical grade. All flavors are certified organic... the most authentic tasting available. High grade certified organic stevia extract with all the sweetness and no piney aftertaste. You will taste the difference.

PotionVape 100% VG Natural and Organic

Rize Vapor - our e-liquid will never contain PG

Spring Vapor Pg free section.

Tetra Vape. "We have two different cinnamon flavors from two different companies. The first being an alcohol base and is the cinnamon that is used in our pure cinnamon flavor. The second is mixed into our Spike Spiegel and is unique in that its boundary layers are separated by a high centrifuge and the flavor portion is extracted, leaving behind all other properties (including oil). All of our non-alcohol based flavors are extracted this way.

Vaping Zone "They are VG only that's why we say 100% VG, the only thing we do is add
some water to make it thin it some and make it usuable". . 6% off orders of $30 or more.. Code: ECF10

Vaper's choice (Vapers' Choice is in fact 100% Vegetable Glycerin.)

VaporPhoxxe (All of our juice here at vaporphoxxe is made to order, but the nic and theflavors are all vg based.)

Velvet Cloud Vapors While our flavorings themselves claim to be made and suspended only in VG, when it comes to medical safety and an EXTREME allergy - I would advise you to assume it has trace amounts of PG. That said we have a LOT of customers who love us because our e-liquid doesn't interfere with their PG allergies, though to be fair, I can't attest to how dramatic their particular allergies are (and of course, I am not a doctor). If you do decide to try it, and it doesn't work for you, of course know that we will gladly issue you a full a refund. I hope that helps! 10% with coupon code "ECF"

Velvet Vapors "I always let customers know whether the flavor contains natural or artificial flavors, or colors, or propylene glycol"

Virgin Vapor "our VG is indeed VG ONLY. There is no PG in the organic flavor extracts. This is extremely important to our owner Annette and she goes to great pains to make sure the VG and PG are isolated from each other in the kitchen, and there is a
dedicated lab sink for VG only to prevent cross-contamination

Wholecig WTA Do not add flavoring if you are sensitive to PG.
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