(7) Information Resources for Your First RBA

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I'm not aware of any Beginner's Guide to RBA's. They are considered to be for more advanced vapors. I usually qualify that statement more specifically meaning RBA's should be reserved to those who:

  • Have learned which batteries to use for RBA's, and know about battery safety in general. RBAs are more demanding on batteries, especially if sub ohm coils are used, and can easily push a battery beyond it's safe limit. Therefore it is extremely important to use a high quality high drain IMR battery that has adequate high amperage capacity for you particular needs. Battery Basics for Mods: IMR or Protected?

  • Have learned about mod safety features, and in particular for their specific mod. Vent holes and hot springs in mechanical mods only kick in once a battery has become hot & hard-shorted, but they may keep your mod from becoming a pipe bomb. Regulated mods have superior safety features built-in which will shut them down prior to a catastophic battery event should there be issues with the atomizer, fire button, or battery. Mechanical Mod Safe Useage Guide

  • Have a multimeter or ohm reader and know how to use it. Coils must be checked for resistance before they are fired on a device, and re-checked periodically to ensure the resistance remains the same. This is even more important when using sub-ohm coils. MultiMeter Tutorial

  • Don't mind tinkering with extremely tiny parts and have a high frustration tolerance.

  • Have a dependable and reliable juice delivery device to fall back on when your RBA gets fussy.

Types of RBA's:
  • RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer) - e-liquid is dripped on cotton or silica wick; only a few drops of liquid is used for a few puffs, then more drops applied. Easiest first exposure to rebuildables.


  • Genesis-style tank atomizer - e-liquid tank below the rebuilding deck; uses stainless steel mesh wick; position dependent, will leak if not held upright; requires using the "genny tilt" for adequate wicking as you are fighting gravity with this tank.

  • Kayfun-style tank atomizer - e-liquid tank above the rebuilding deck; uses cotton or silica wick; not position dependent, uses negative pressure vacuum like a cartotank; much easier & better design than a Genesis-style RTA in my opinion.

There is a sub-forum here on ECF dedicated to RBA's with tons of information. Rebuildable Atomizer Systems


Useful supplies: ohm reader or digital multimeter; micro butane torch; metal tweezers; precision screwdriver set; Kanthal wire and wicking material.

How to Use Your Multimeter

Video on How to Use Your Multimeter

Ohm's Law Calculator

Steam Engine Calculators for amp limit, coil wrapping, & battery drain

battery & mod safety resource guides
Explanation of a hard short

Battery Basics for Mods: IMR or Protected
? - List of battery specs and amp ratings

Sub-Ohm Battery Chart

PBusardo's Guide to Batteries for RBA's

ECF's Rechargeable Batteries Recommendations for APV's

Mechanical Mod & Battery Safety Guide - YouTube Video

recommended articles & tutorial videos
An Introduction to Rebuildables - YouTubeBasic MicroCoil Tutorial

Coil Building Videos on YouTube

Rebuildable Drip Atomizer specific guides:
Tutorial for silica wicked IGO-L RBA: Taking the Scary Out of Rebuildable Atomizers - Spinfuel Magazine.

(Kayfun-style) RBA specific guides:
What Makes the Kayfun so Great?
Kayfun Lite Plus microcoil and cotton build YouTube tutorial

(Genesis-style) RBA specific guidesCarl Zen shows how to setup a Genesis-style RBA - great video tutorial
E-Human's blog on the AGA-T2
A PBusardo Review - The AGA-T(s) - Part 1 - The Review - YouTube
A PBusardo Review - The AGA-T(s) - Part 2 - Assembly & Building Tutorial - YouTube

Link to Micro Coils for RBA's

Sub-Ohm Vaping: Discussion, Safety, Battery Info, Warnings
Video Tutorial on Safer Sub-Ohm Vaping
Tutorial: Wire and Resistance for Rebuildables: Tutorial - Wire & Resistance for Rebuildables - YouTube
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