PitBullLover Feb 19, 2014
First off, THANKS for sharing!

If you wouldn't mind, I am curious about something, and figure you may be able to help...

I happen to have already ordered several flavors, all from TFA. The Hangsen Chocolate Cream and the Hangsen Toffee........ are they more concentrated than the TFA equivalents? Or, on the contrary, are they less concentrated?

Seeing that you have experience with both flavor "brands", perhaps you have the answers? I'm going to start by mixing the three flavors above (except all TFA equivalents). Would you recommend the exact percentages, or a little more / less on the Chocolate Base and Toffee?

I am fully aware of how much of this stuff is trial and error, but anything to help me get it good from the start would be SO helpful, and appreciated.

Thank you!