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broken evic head rewire.

Published by rdacrazy in the blog rdacrazy's blog. Views: 168

I have a broken evic that was lying around so i decided to make a box mod out of it. I looked around for some wiring info for the switches and didn't find any so i made one for anyone who is interested. i will be posting more when i get further into the project.

first take apart the broken evic. it wont be pretty. just try not to break the board. then pull the 2 switches off. there will be a momentary on the back which is fire. and a spdt on the bottom that was for the control ring. un-solder them from the board. then connect these wires for your new switches!

please excuse the ugly solder points. they are frustratingly small and i was on my third cup of coffee when i was attempting this.

View attachment 319120 1. negative to momentary switch. 2. positive to momentary switch.

View attachment 319122 1. positive lead to battery 2. negative lead to battry 3.negative switch down 4. positive switch down 5. positive switch up 6. negative switch up.
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