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Cafe Mocha from Halo

Published by Shadav in the blog Shadav's blog. Views: 92

not from my bag of goodies....this one comes courtesy of Halo from a contest I won :shock::thumbs:

Cafe Mocha from Halo

When it first came in I tried it right away and first taste was kind of like a peanut flavor or nutty flavor
after some steeping and cleaning of tanks I've put this into my vivi nova

it's a dry flavor...kinda of like a dark roast of coffee....subtitle hint of a dark chocolate with a roasted nutty flavor
after playing with oHm and volts between dripping and tanks...
in the vivi nova with a 2.4 atty it seems to shine around 3.5volts
a nice medium plume and at 18 nic gives a nice throat hit
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