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CE4 Wickless Clearomizer: Initial Thoughts

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So I'm new to this vaping thing. Like a lot of people, I started with a cig-a-like, but started to become frustrated with the hassle of refilling cartomizers multiple times a day, and also wanted a longer battery life. I thought it was time to upgrade to an eGo battery and a clearomizer. I went with this Wickless CE4 because it was cheap, and at the time I liked the way it would look, the base being the same diameter as the eGo battery, to create a nice smooth line. Probably a silly reason, but I'm a designer, whatdya expect?

Here are my initial thoughts, after a full day of vaping on it:

As I said, it looks good on the eGo. In my opinion, the fact that it lies flush with the battery and tapers up toward the mouthpiece looks much nicer than fatter tanks mounted on an eGo.

The mouthpiece feels great. It's tapered in the middle of the mouthpiece and sits nicely on my lips.

Was very easy to fill with juice. I watched this YouTube video from outlaw vaper to help me figure out how to clean it and dry-burn it after using it the first time, and it was just as easy as it looks.

I filled it with some awesome Manic Mint Chocolate e-liquid I've been loving from Mister-E-Liquid, fired up the eGo battery, and took a pull. I've been vaping the aforementioned juice in refillable cartos on my Apollo Extreme battery since I got it, but the taste I was getting from the CE4 was really disappointing. Very muted, and sort of plastic/chemical-tasting. Right then, I realized I should have cleaned the clearo before I used it!

I sucked it up (literally), and not wanting to waste good juice, kept on rather unhappily vaping until all 1.6ml was gone. Then I cleaned it out, filled with it with a mixture of tobacco and clove, and tried again.

I am happy to say, the chemical/plastic taste went away after cleaning it with a little water and dry-burning.

Compared to the refillable cartos on the Extreme battery, the vapor from the wickless CE4 on the Apollo Superior eGo is not nearly as warm, and the e-juice flavors are more muted. Vapor production is better, though.

I think I'll be using this set-up for my tobacco flavors, clove, or any flavors strong enough to stand being toned down.
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