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Chromed brass.

Published by David1975 in the blog David1975's blog. Views: 248

What's your view on brass in use on atomizers? As a mechanic/welder/fabricator in the metal industry I know all brass contains lead, even naval brass. So as a vaper, I try to find atty's where the only metal used it stainless, so I don't have to worry that my juice will leach lead and give me a vape worse than smoking.... is this even possible to find in clones? Some item's I bought when I first started vaping were sold to me as stainless, I no longer use them as I found this was a lie told to me by my former B&M shop. So, looking around at devices, I have to ask.... how many know that most of their shinny metal items as chromed brass, and how may know the concerns.... how many don't care?
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