1. SFATA power breakfast with California State Senator Joel Anderson

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    SFATA are being hosted by California State Senator Joel Anderson this Weds for a "power breakfast". You can bring your input and ideas to him at his El Cajon district office between 9.30 and 10.30. If you're interested and can attend, please visit www.tinyurl.com/SFATApowerbreakfast
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clear ashtrays

Published by PirateChickan in the blog PirateChickan's blog. Views: 87

I cleaned all my ashtrays to their original sparkly and clear luster. I've placed them all around my house, and now instead of filling them up quickly and mucking up their centers, they have become beautiful resting places for my e-cig as I go about my business throughout my house. I never realized how much it bothered me to have an amazing vintage ashtray slowly become disgusting by the tar and soot glued to it. It's nice to have a shred of cleanliness around my house now.
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