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This was my eulogy for Colin:

Colin is the greatest gift God could have ever given me in this mortal life. Early in his childhood when we discovered he was a person with special needs I went through a short period of typical disappointment, selfishly regretting the fact that I wouldn’t be able to play catch, go camping, teach all my obscure knowledge and values, the things that most dads get to do. Thankfully that disappointment didn’t last long and gave way to a life of new ways to play, new ways to teach, new ways to learn and I wouldn’t trade a second of them for any other life.

By my side I have had the most amazing partner, my wife Robin. Colin had the perfect life in her, so much love, wisdom, safety and happiness. Robin moved the world for our son, made sure everyone knew him, loved him and knew his needs; she did whatever it took and changed the world for the betterment of not only Colin but everyone to follow him. She inspired me to improve, work harder, see Colin through her eyes and it was through her eyes I gained a love and appreciation for Colin I never would have dreamed possible.

Thank you Robin from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done for Colly and me.

Along the way we have been blessed to have had excellent help from countless people in the medical, educational, governmental and advocacy communities who have helped Colin on our journey immeasurably. Our extended family has been the most amazing source of love, care and inspiration we could ever hope for. I’d like to thank ALL of the people in Colin’s life, and I know Colin thanked you in his own special way.

Every day, especially during the most recent years of his life, when people would ask me about my kid my response would be “He’s awesome!” He was awesome in every way! Awesome in stature, awesome in determination, awesome in perseverance, awesome in happiness and awesome in love. A few years back I came to the conclusion that Colin was the greatest man I’ve ever known. Everything I taught him he taught back to me in a new and better way, he is my idol, he’s the man I can only hope to be. It makes me so happy that I could have raised a boy so many times greater than myself, I burst with pride at the fine young man he became. The trials and tribulations, the care he required, all of the challenges that come with a person of significant needs are but a small investment for the rewards I’ve gotten and will carry with me the rest of my life. I’m a better man for Colin and I plan to continue to learn and grow from the time I had with him.

Donations in his name to would be appreciated.
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