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Day 10 - Random thoughts

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It has been ten days since my last analogue and I am amazed by that. As mentioned in the first blog entry, I didn't have much hope of ever actually quitting smoking but vaping has really, really worked for me thus far.

To be sure, there have been 4 or 5 times when I felt like picking up an analogue but I picked up the trusty vaper instead and those desires faded quickly.

I had some initial trouble with the starter gear I got from Apollo. The kit came with two clearomizers which both cracked within 24 hours of their being pot into use. Fortunately, I got a tank clearomizer and that held me over until I could get clearomizers from Apollo promised to replace the broken units but I have to ship them back to them (at my expense) and I am wondering if it is worth the shipping to replace something that costs a couple of bucks.

Mrs. Kogent has been following my progress carefully. She even dug out her blu e-cig and started huffing on that a little. She thinks that if I am successful for a few weeks then she'll have a go at vaping as well. I hope so.

A bit about my experience with juice. I ordered 5 different flavors from Apollo and the only one that was truly outstanding was the pumpkin pie. I was rather nonplussed by the others. They weren't very impactful, flavor-wise. Going to try a few different vendors and hopefully get a few rich, satisfying flavors I can use as my steadies and then experiment with some others.

I am beginning to feel better, health-wise. My breathing is easier and I am not wheezing or coughing as much. I've read from some posters here that their energy levels increased and I think there has been a slight increase in mine but it is had to say for sure. It is early yet and it'll take a fair spell to undo all of the accumulated harm that analogues brought.

If you happen across these scribblings, I continue to wish you the best. If'n I can do it, you can to or perhaps you already have but just a day at a time and we progress. Thanks! ;)
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