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DIY FLAVOR/FLAVOUR Supplier Abbreviations

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* Please feel free to post this information elsewhere. I only ask that you link back here. I continue to work hard to make this as complete as possible, and if there is anything missing, please comment below. Thank you!

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[TD]Keep in mind that if you're not purchasing a flavor concentrate from the original source, some companies dilute them. Contact the individual company for more information.[/TD]

Misc. DIY abbreviations are located below*

Flavor Supplier Abbreviations

AL - Atmos Lab
AV/BM – Azure Vaping/BlueMist (same company)

CAP – Capella
CT – Chinese Tobacco
DV – Decadent Vapours
DSV – Dark Side Vapor
ECX – ecigExpress (uses TPA/TFA for signature line)
EGFD – Ella’s Gournet Flavor Drops
ESS - Essence Flavor Concentrates
FA – Flavour Art (comes in concentrated or condensed [no pg/vg], depending on supplier, check ingredients for specifics)
FE – Fruit Express
FF – Flavor Fog
GP – Good Prophets
FW – Flavor West
HC – Health Cabin
HS - Hangsen
HV - Heartland Vapes
INW – Inawera
JF – Jungle Flavorz
LA – LorAnn
LAN – LorAnn Naturals
LF – Liberty Flights
MBV – Mount Baker Vapor
MFS – My Freedom Smoke
NF – Nature’s Flavors
NM – Nielsen Massey
NN – Nude Nicotine
101/OoO - One on One
PA/TPA/TFA – The Perfumer’s Apprentice/The Flavor Apprentice
Sig - Signature, some adapt other suppliers' flavors and create a new line
SM – Seedman
TD - Tino D'Milano
TE – Tobacco Express
TP – Tasty Puff
TW – Totally Wicked
VZ/VZ SC- Vaping Zone/Vaping Zone Super-Concentrated (Some are from Baker’s, Russian Company)
W2V - Want2Vape

* Misc. Abbreviations

AP - Acetyl Pyrazine
ACV - Apple Cider Vinegar
CP - Crock Pot
EM - Ethyl Maltol
NET - Naturally Extracted Tobacco
PG - Propylene Glycol
PGA - Pure Grain Alcohol
SC - Slow Cooker
UC - Ultrasonic Cleaner
VG - Vegetable Glycerin
WTA - Whole Tobacco Alkaloid

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